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How to Care for Polymer Clay Earrings

How to Care for Polymer Clay Earrings

You’ve finally bought your first pair of polymer clay earrings! Congrats!

Now what?

It’s time to read up on how to keep them looking as fresh and clean as the day you got them. 

What is polymer clay?

Polymer clay is a man-made art material that is known for its flexibility and simplicity to work with. Unlike clay found in nature that needs to be fired in a kiln, polymer clay only needs to bake in the oven for a short period of time in order for it to cure.

Why are clay earrings so popular?

Part of the reason clay earrings are so popular is because of how lightweight they are compared to other earrings. I’ve heard many people say that they forget that they’re wearing them because of how weightless they are. 

Another reason they’re trending right now is because they are simple to make as most supplies can be found at your local craft store. You can buy bars of polymer clay at your local Michaels or Joanns.

Polymer clay earrings are strong and durable and should last for years to come by following this simple care guide. 

Caring for your polymer clay earrings

Keep your clay earrings dry

Try not to wet your polymer clay earrings. Although polymer clay itself is water-resistant, you should avoid getting them wet to extend the life and avoid tarnishing the metals used in the earring pieces.

Be sure to take them off before swimming and showering (or singing in the rain) and keep them away from chemicals, perfumes, and aerosol products.

Storing your clay earrings

Be sure to store your earrings in a clean and dry area when you're not wearing them. They will do best in a jewelry box or hanging on an earring hanger away from damp places like the bathroom. 

Be sure to keep them separated from sharp objects like other earring backs in order to avoid scratches on your clay earrings. 

Although polymer clay is durable and shouldn't break easily, you should avoid throwing them in your purse (no matter how small) where they can get smashed and the metal pieces can fall off or break.

Cleaning your clay earrings

If your earrings become dirty, gently wipe them with a damp cloth. Do NOT use acetone or any other chemicals, as this may wipe away any paint or varnish on the clay. 

If your earrings have brass pieces, use a cloth and some Brasso to keep them looking shiny and fresh.

By following all of these instructions, you should be able to keep your polymer clay earrings looking clean and fresh. 

Now that you know exactly how to care for your polymer clay earrings, it’s time to go find a pair you love.


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