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Welcome to Belanzé's Insider Program

The goal of our insider program is to cultivate a community of people who care about mental health awareness and of course –– love earrings. This program is community first and brand awareness second. We care about paying YOU for your time and effort in the program and about growing YOUR socials along the way. 


The Benefits:

  • FREE PR PACKAGE when you are first accepted into the program.
  • 20% off all orders
  • 5 - 15% commission* on all referred orders
  • $25/month after all posts are up
  • Personalized discount code to share with your followers (they get 10% off)
  • VIP Facebook group to meet other insiders
  • Opportunities to be featured on our socials, website and marketing materials
  • Top 10 insiders are entered into a drawing every month for cash, jewelry, and gift cards.
*5% starting commission with opportunity to earn more as you make more sales.


  • A total following of 1k or more (across all channels) (TikTok, Instagram, Youtube)
  • 2 Tik Toks/Reels per month mentioning Belanzé (The whole video does NOT have to be about our products, we want these to be as genuine as possible)
  • 2 posts/year on channel of choice about the Insider program
  • 1 story highlight with your discount code must be static on your Instagram
  • Be respectful and encouraging to other Insiders